Love is in the Ear

Craft for the Outliers & the Bold — Earandco.
Spend $500 or More & Get A Free Stud Pack!
I look good, you look great. Together we are perfect! — Excited Earandco. Earring
Spend $500 or More & Get A Free Stud Pack!
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Earandco. is a lifestyle brand that caters to the woman who knows who she is.
We create contemporary jewellery for people who want to stand out from the crowd. When we say “Craft for the outliers & the bold”, we truly mean it. We use polymer clay, resin, wood & metal to handcraft lightweight, colourful & often playful pieces. We never repeat or duplicate our artwork, so when you own an Earandco. piece, it is yours alone. From our oversized statement pieces to our mixed stud packs, each offering is unique.

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